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Do you know that you can save a lot of money by being self-reliant through ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) projects?
Self-reliance might mean different things to different individuals for some it is the ability to purchase the means to live day to day by themselves rather than relying on their friends, parents, and spouses such as buying groceries, paying utility bills etc. While for a few other ‘self-reliance' refers to achieving their true potential sand rising above their fears and inhibitions to bring their ‘A' game to whatever they do. The latter includes amassing sizable wealth as well.
Tips to save money through DIY – Road to self-reliance projects
DIY projects help you save money on housing, clothing, food, gardening, home energy and family health, etc. Here, are some of the tips on saving money through DIY projects -

You can save a sizeable amount of money by cutting down on your real estate needs which should not translate to you living a cramped up life but should rather be a by-product of effective management of available space and creating custom furniture (if necessary) that is not only space smart but also fulfills your needs. One example could be storage chairs that double up as dress drawers.

If you are constructing a house, then search for scrap materials or used products from construction sites. It could reduce construction costs to a great extent. If you enter into barter labor agreements with neighbors and friends, you can save a lot of money. Become self-reliant by eliminating real estate agency or land broker while investing in real estate by using online sites to search for a plot. People have quit their full-time jobs and started to build their own homes as a part of the DIY life to become self-reliant. This trend of homesteaders saves a lot of money in home construction.

DIY self-reliance can be used to save money in shopping by knitting or sewing your own clothes. You can buy clothes from consignment shops, repair old clothes by yourself, patch jeans, save on drying clothes by stringing clothes in your backyard. The DIY lifestyle makes you do your own makeup, cut family members hairs yourself, make your own natural beauty products, etc.

DIY lifestyle helps save money spent on fast food and restaurants by cooking your own food at home. Drinking coffee at home, taking lunch and snacks to work helps save a lot of money. Buying household products and raw materials in bulk will also cut costs. Consider preparing homemade bread and cheese to reduce cost. Prefer pressure cooking of meat to save on energy costs. Buying vegetables and fruits from the farmers market will save money as well as elongate the lifetime of the vegetables since they are fresh vs. thawed up post storage in a refrigerator or cold storage.

DIY self-reliance methods help save money on the health of the family by making you use herbs to prevent illness. You can convert your backyards into a personal gym and live a healthy life. Eating home grown organic foods items would help protect the health of your family members while cutting down the expenses list. People have started to grow medicinal herbs in their backyard to get an effective and natural remedy for illness.

By using DIY self-reliance methods, you can save on utility bills, reduce the carbon footprint and enjoy a more energy sensitive home. Ensure that all plug points are switched off to prevent phantom loads and waste of energy when not in use. Invest in an inexpensive renewable energy system. Keep the power management settings of the computer at an optimal level during inactivity to reduce energy.
Ensure that you create innovative reminders so that the PC is shut down each night via a reminder post it or other similar methods. Replace ordinary bulbs with LED bulbs to save on electricity bills. Use fans with open windows instead of air conditioners to save energy costs as well as regulating the room temperature. While using AC, set the thermostat to 70 degrees Fahrenheit to save up to 10 percent on cooling costs. Painting your home or roof with a light color will help decrease the heat gain considerably.

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